I’m Lily, nice to meet you! And yes, I am the “chick” that owns this website. ( ・ω・)ノ

Bwack, Bwack! I hope you enjoy your time spent here.


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So. Writing, eh?

I, by definition, write. For fun (that’s why this blog is here, durh.) I write characters, settings, plotlines that never see the light of day and stay in a folder on my computer. I breathe life to two-dimensional characters and carefully craft and mold them. I give them souls.

My plotlines, for anyone who’s read one of my better works (AKA myself and maybe three or four other people), are elaborate and carefully planned out. As in focusing on minor details instead of the whole shebang. That’s probably why I never finish or share my stories. They drag on and on because I’m hyper focused on one tiny detail and fail to recognize the plot outline.

So, yes. I am a writer (not very good at it, and gosh darn I’m becoming the second type of person on the Internet.) Because of my fledging status, I take ideas from various things (books, movies, yadda yadda yadda) and sort of, if you will, “mash” them with my original ideas. So, in essence, I write fanfiction. Oh heavens, I just spent my time writing three paragraphs about how I’m one of many amatuer fanfiction writers on the interwebs.



If anyone would like for me to write something (I don’t know. A description of a character or something. I sure as heck am not writing your essay for finals.) then comment!

(Thank gods that’s done and over with)

And I might, just maybe, may start sharing some of my writing along with my ramblings?

Although that’s still in question…



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So, ehem. Is this in the right font? *Double checks HTML coding* Great. Okay, so my friends and I have gotten into a slight disagreement about the word “trebuchet”. They keep telling me it’s pronounced like “tre-bu-shay” or something (I am so sorry, I didn’t feel the need to copy pasta from an online dictionary). I think it’s pronounced “trench-bucket”. Uh huh. I know, I know, I’m probably most definitely wrong, but seriously. -_- Let me call it a trench bucket if I want to. 

Senpai has unlocked one of Lily-chan’s endearing traits? \(>o<)ノ❤

I cannot, for the life of me, pronounce words. For an academic competition earlier this school year, I had to listen to the pronunciation of Charlemagne because I was certain he would be one of the questions. Lo and behold, he was and I got to pronounce his name (correctly, mind you).

I feel like I’m a child who is learning the English language again. Like, oh my gosh *points to window* it’s a window. *Gasp* that’s the sky. Except this time, there’s no pat on the back or congratulations. The reward I get is a facepalm and a “you are so stupid” comment. (Remind me to make a list of childhood advantages).


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Wow, I’m “thirsty” for attention if I’m blogging three posts today. Excuse me for getting back into the swing of things. (See, this is part of why I hate blogging. Sorry for spamming people with posts.)

I am seriously waiting for someone to ask “If you hate blogging so much, why even blog?” Refer back to my other post please. (Yummy, more views.)

Random question: (Ooh, found my motive for blogging this post)

Why do people enjoy death and destruction more than life?

Death and destruction as in killing. You people know who I’m talking too. And no, a simple reason like “because it’s fun” isn’t going to cut it. I need the cold hard facts and reasons. I need the background story of how you first realized killing off people (fictional ones please. I’m not catering to murderers) is amusing. To sum it up in an adverb: why? (And I swear that person who answers “why not” or “wynaut” better start running.)

I, like every other morbid person, enjoy death at the right moment. Like, for example, in a book when the author kills off a town of characters (I’m looking at you, Markus Zusak) that you are emotionally attached to. Or death written artistically (Edgar Allan Poe’s works, “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath, murder mysteries, etc.) There’s just something elegant about it at times. It is the final act, the sacrifice. When I think of death as art, I think of that one chapter from Nightmare Inspector where the person hangs himself (you know, the one with the girl and the tree and the photograph- I’ll stop now.)

Oh gosh, I just realized how sociopathic I must have sounded in that last paragraph. Anyways, when it comes to writing death, I can’t. I can’t bear to kill off any character. I have killed off characters in the past, but it’s just not fun or amusing. In fact, I often browse right past those fics on AO3, Tumblr, or Fanfiction.

So, kudos to those people who know how to kill characters properly (What is your secret ._.) And even more kudos to those people who make me cry. Shut up, I cri everytiem.

Yup, that’s about it.


(I’m not a murderess, I swear. On, uh, this computer.)

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The vicious cycle

And thus, by starting to blog again, the vicious cycle continues. I hope whoever reads this realizes that I have a love hate relationship… with blogging. (Sorry, all you shippers)

I love blogging; I love how I can express my ideas and opinions online and get feedback. I love the convenience.

However, by the same token- I hate blogging. I hate how many are sucked into a blogging schedule (I’ll blog on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays and never any other day of the week.) Because, those cycles break. Eventually. For 99% of people.

I hate how once I forget to blog, I never blog.

So, bear with me. (yes, it’s “bear” not “bare”)


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I just realized

that people are one of three things on the Internet.

One- Trolls (not the Homestuck kind). As in, no disregard for other people. And, more times than not, rude and obnoxious and self-centered.


Two- Selfless goddesses/gods who are so modest (“No, my art isn’t good.”). Well, if you aren’t good at whatever you’re doing, I should never be let near a pencil.


Three- Somewhat in the middle of one or two.

Why did I make this list? (I could make a list about making lists, but that would be too many lists)

I’m not saying that being one is bad or that everyone should become a two. Because, honestly, this is the internet. I could seriously be a sixty year old man from, I don’t know, Liechtenstein (for all you know). I assure you, I’m not a sixty year old man from Liechtenstein.

But here’s the thing. Maybe, maybe, you’re a kind and generous person in real life; however, on the internet- eep, you’re awful. Technology makes people hide behind fake personalities. Now, I’m not saying letting your true self on the interwebs is a good idea. It might be, for some, but for the cynical majority of people, it would be tiring to read the same posts about morbidity and sarcasm over and over and over and over and over…

Whatever. My point is, embrace your internet self. It may not be who you want to be as a person, but that’s what life is for. For finding your true self.


(FYI, if you are cyberbullying- stop. I know, I know, I’m being a hypocrite about embracing one’s internet self. But seriously? Stop taking advantage of the internet to harass people.)

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Whale Noise -_____-

Enhhhhhhh. . . *whale noise*

I can’t believe that I am an idiot. When, I can believe *that*.

In science class, we’re doing a project on Punett squares for P, F1, and F2. With a 2×2 grid. But, I was like, “Derp, this is easy”

So, I’m trying failing at a 4×4 grid. Something called dihybrid cross o-O Supposedly, you learn that in ninth grade biology *_*

And, I dissected a squid today. . . I had to pull out the spine o_o

So, I’m supposed to be working on my project, but I decided to post -_-

*Dying whale noise*


(Oh, and happy birthday Rubyazalea!!!!)




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Self Potrait

Today in science class we had to draw self potraits. Me, being the amazing drawer that I am, epically failed. (I can’t draw left eyes) I’ll be attaching the picture later.

I’m miffed today. Today, of all the days, I had to leave my planner at home. Yeah, sit at your computer screen and start yelling about what a stupid topic this is. I hear you. But, being the neat freak I am, I will continue to rant about it. I had a signed quiz and homework in there!!!!

Sorry, probably not the fun-filled post you were expecting.


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